Bridging the Gap (2023)

Bridging the Gap is our newest release of six songs presenting the current trio makeup of the group. The album leads off with “The Bridge Came Tumbling Down”, Stomping Tom Connors’ homage to the workers who died in the 1958 construction disaster building the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge linking Vancouver to the North Shore. Both “Bridge” and “Snap the Line Tight” are fresh arrangements of songs that have long been in Fraser Union’s repertoire. They fit well with two other offerings that reflect the Canadian landscape, “Prairie Sky” and “The Wild Goose”. Rounding out the album are Linda Allen’s plea for “A Safe Place” for women, and the classic “The Bells of Rhymney” which we’ve adapted to highlight Welsh poet Idris Davies’ words excerpted by Pete Seeger from Davies’ powerful epic “Gwalia Deserta” (translation “Wasteland of Wales”). 

Song titles

The Bridge Came Tumbling Down, A Safe Place, Snap the Line Tight, Prairie Sky, The Wild Goose, The Bells of Rhymney

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