Former Members

Henk Piket

Ever since his early days as a stalwart of Vancouver’s folk club and coffeehouse scene in the Sixties, Henk Piket’s fingerstyle guitar playing and warm bass voice have accentuated his range of repertoire from country and jazz standards to the traditional and contemporary folk and blues that he loves so well. One of the original members of Fraser Union, his subtle vocal harmony, dobro, and guitar were a staple of the group’s blend until he retired in 2022. 

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Dan Kenning

For over twenty years, Dan Kenning’s rich voice and robust stage presence were an important part of Fraser Union. He brought his work experience as an elementary school teacher, prospector and fisher to the group, as well as his involvement in workplace health and safety issues. Many a classroom kid learned “Drill Ye Tarriers,” “Salmon Circle,” Kettle Valley Line,” and other BC songs from Dan. He retired from singing with Fraser Union in December, 2008. 

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Jill King and Tam Lundy

Jill King and Tam Lundy were two of the four original members of Fraser Union along with Roger Holdstock and Henk Piket.  All four met at the Vancouver Folk Song Society and discovered that their voices created a magic blend of harmony.  With an interest in similar traditional and contemporary folksong material, the foursome started practicing and performing together. The song, “God Speed The Plough,” was brought to the group by Jill and remains in Fraser Union’s repertoire to this day.

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Nola Johnston

Nola Johnston, a longtime member of the Vancouver Folk Song Society, joined Fraser Union briefly in 1985 singing with Roger Holdstock and Dan Kenning as a trio at Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival and other venues.

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