Roger Holdstock

Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin

One of Roger Holdstock’s early memories from England when he was about five years old is of his grandfather playing concertina. When Roger was six, his family moved to California, where his two older brothers immediately bought guitars. Roger’s brother, Dick Holdstock, who continues to perform folk music in California and England, had a strong influence on Roger’s choice to play music with folk roots.

Roger feels privileged to have found a rich community of musicians and friends since moving to Vancouver in 1974. Since the early 1980s, when the original members met through the Vancouver Folk Song Society, Fraser Union has been a central part of his musical, social, and work life (including performances for the college classes he has taught).

From benefit concerts to festivals, from picket lines to academic conferences, from living rooms to stages, Roger believes that the songs chosen by Fraser Union encourage voices to join together and to build community—and that keeps him singing.